I enjoyed Rosalie’s enthusiasm, presences and listening ear as well as her ability to coach me through an experience or give me a different play strategy for addressing said issue. I LOVED the weekly themes and prep-exercises.

I learned how to listen to people and myself better and I found that each session theme was incredibly timely with what I was already experiencing in my life at the moment.

Acasia B. Olson

Writer, Awesompreneur, founder of EmbRace Healing


I’m now more organised in my personal and professional life. I’ve created clear goals and objectives on how I’m going to reach my own personal potential. I’ve a better focus at work and I’m more aware of the changes I need to make in my life in other parts of my life.

K. C.

The sessions were positive, healing, challenging, and fun. Rosalie is friendly, direct, and encouraging. Definitely would recommend coaching with Rosalie!

Obehi Janice

Actress, Writer, Comedian , @fufuandoreos